The Athletes Nightmare

Tuesday night my high school basketball team had our second district game(1-0) against the Adair County high school indians. They were a pretty tough team but we felt confident going into the game that we could pull off the upset. The game beggins and we start off badly, they take the lead 13-8 early which led to a timeout. I exited the first quarter early with 2 fouls as i watch my team finish out the rest of the quarter. The second quarter began and Im still on the sidelines supporting my team. With about 7 minutes to go in the quarter my name is called, finnaly. First possesion since my return and we cant run the correct play. The possesion results in a turnover as they steal the ball and take off sprinting down the court. I turn to get back and I find myself trailing the man with the ball. I timed my jump to get a great block to hoppefully slow the fastbreak. I get the block, but the athletes nightmare happened. I landed hard and straight on the side of my ankle. The pain shot through me as i lye on the court. My attempt to hustle back down the floor resulted in a high ankle sprain, and sidelines me for the next 2 weeks.

By zdurham14