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If you know me at all you know I LOVE baseball, its my sport. I play any position coach needs me to, but my favorite has to be middle infield. I’ve had the privilege to dress varsity since I was in the 6th grade and over the last couple of years I’ve earned a spot in the starting lineup. In 8th grade I played several varsity games at catcher and 2nd base. Freshman year I started most games at several different positions. Sophomore year I positioned at 2nd base for the majority of the year.
This upcoming season I may have to make a position change over to shortstop to fill an absent hole due to graduation. I have played shortstop before, it was my primary position in little league and middle school. This upcoming season I need to work hard on my hitting and being able to get on base more often and drive in more runs. More runs= Better chance at winning. I haven’t been able to work a lot lately due to my bum ankle but when I’m back healthy I’m going to work hard to improve not only for me but for my team.
My team has enjoyed some great success over the last few years winning the district championship 5 years running. We hope to continue the streak and I believe we can do it. It will be tough but nothing comes easy and with hard work dreams become reality. I love my team and I cant wait to be out there on the field with them.

By zdurham14

Making A Change

Our world today is constantly changing. From electronics to clothing style everything changes from a week to week basis. Change is defined as:  “to become different, or make something or somebody different” and our world is definitely changing rapidly. In my opinion there is a lot of things in the world today that need to be changed but also many things that I think should remain the same. Things like the game of baseball and our declaration of independence should never change and even the gun laws, death penalty should stay the same. One thing that really strikes me as something that should be changed is our school spirit.

I can remember back when my sister was in high school how much spirit the school had. Literally EVERYBODY came to the games and sat in the student sections and cheered their butts off because they wanted to win so bad. I can remember even though we were a 1A school, which is a very small school, they always had as big a student section as any of the surrounding schools. It seemed to give the sports teams an edge, an extra boost of confidence to have their classmates cheering them on. They hated Taylor County and wanted the bragging rights so bad, you were waiting for a fight to break out any minute. On game days the atmosphere in the school was awesome no matter who the opponent was. One thing bonded the whole school,  “Eagle Pride”.

Over the last couple of years somethings changed, it’s not there anymore. I play football, basketball and baseball for my school and I hate to lose, especially to those dirty birds. When I look up at the student section during a game and see no one standing up or showing any emotion at all, it kills me. When im walking down the halls and it feels like another ordinary day it makes my teammates and my confidence fall off a cliff. How are we supposed to believe in ourselves if our own classmates and our “friends” don’t have our backs and believe in us? We fight hard every day in practice for the name on our chests, the least we can ask for is a little support. Recently we faced our crosstown rival and it is probably the biggest game of the season. We conquered them earlier in the season so we had some confidence flowing. For some reason, once school arrived on “game day” our school had ZERO confidence in us. One of our classmates even mentioned, “y’all are gonna get smashed they just had a bad game last time”. That made me madder then ever. The least you could tell me is go give it your best shot or good luck or something, but no. Even with the lack of confidence i felt throughout the day from my classmates, my teammates and I were still going to battle our hardest for the people who do come and support us. Gametime comes and the gym is packed, but our student section is nowhere to be found. I even saw one of our classmates in the Taylor county student section cheering them on! We went out and fought but our effort wasnt enough as we lost by 10. Their student section was loud and proud and gave them confidence, but it seemed like every time something went wrong and they hit a big shot we had no one to pick us up but ourselves. Hopefully something changes and we restore the “Eagle Pride”

By zdurham14

The christmas call

                     My Christmas went very well. I got to spend great time with my family and my sisters who I don’t get to see that often. I even got to spend time with my granny and made cookies with her. Outside of all the presents and fun times I had over Christmas break one particular moment sticks out.

                      Last February I took a weekend to focus on strengthening my relationship with Jesus Christ on a trip called chrysalis with several of my friends. I had a great weekend surrounded by teenagers my age wanting to become stronger in their faith. The trip was 3 days long so there was several memories made. We went through sessions listening to speeches from others giving us insight on their walks of lives and how we could be more christ-like. It was a great week and really put my life aiming toward the right direction. In my opinion, it may have been one of the greatest weekend of my life to this date.

                   One night I was pulling into my house from basketball practice, which I still can’t participate in due to my ankle,  I received a call from a man I barely knew who changed my life in an instant. The “foreign” number popped up on my phone and I thought about not answering it as I figured it was just another collection agency or somebody calling looking for a random person. Something made me answer the phone call and im still not sure what it was. I answered and a man responded. “Hey Zach, this is Benson Sexton calling. I called to see if you would be interested in being a speaker at our upcoming chrysalis walk”, my heart dropped. I gladly accepted and he preceeded to give me more information about my speech. This may have been one of the best calls I have ever recieved in my life. It meant so much because just the previous year i was one of the “Caterpillars” listening to the “butterflies” give us talks about how they represent christ in their lives. The upcoming chrysalis walk, i will be one of the “butterflies” giving the speech. I learned so much about my daily walk listening to these Men, hopefully i can make the same impact on these upcoming “catterpillars”.

                                                                                                                                                                             God bless,

                                                                                                                                                                            Zach Durham

By zdurham14