The christmas call

                     My Christmas went very well. I got to spend great time with my family and my sisters who I don’t get to see that often. I even got to spend time with my granny and made cookies with her. Outside of all the presents and fun times I had over Christmas break one particular moment sticks out.

                      Last February I took a weekend to focus on strengthening my relationship with Jesus Christ on a trip called chrysalis with several of my friends. I had a great weekend surrounded by teenagers my age wanting to become stronger in their faith. The trip was 3 days long so there was several memories made. We went through sessions listening to speeches from others giving us insight on their walks of lives and how we could be more christ-like. It was a great week and really put my life aiming toward the right direction. In my opinion, it may have been one of the greatest weekend of my life to this date.

                   One night I was pulling into my house from basketball practice, which I still can’t participate in due to my ankle,  I received a call from a man I barely knew who changed my life in an instant. The “foreign” number popped up on my phone and I thought about not answering it as I figured it was just another collection agency or somebody calling looking for a random person. Something made me answer the phone call and im still not sure what it was. I answered and a man responded. “Hey Zach, this is Benson Sexton calling. I called to see if you would be interested in being a speaker at our upcoming chrysalis walk”, my heart dropped. I gladly accepted and he preceeded to give me more information about my speech. This may have been one of the best calls I have ever recieved in my life. It meant so much because just the previous year i was one of the “Caterpillars” listening to the “butterflies” give us talks about how they represent christ in their lives. The upcoming chrysalis walk, i will be one of the “butterflies” giving the speech. I learned so much about my daily walk listening to these Men, hopefully i can make the same impact on these upcoming “catterpillars”.

                                                                                                                                                                             God bless,

                                                                                                                                                                            Zach Durham

By zdurham14

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