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If you know me at all you know I LOVE baseball, its my sport. I play any position coach needs me to, but my favorite has to be middle infield. I’ve had the privilege to dress varsity since I was in the 6th grade and over the last couple of years I’ve earned a spot in the starting lineup. In 8th grade I played several varsity games at catcher and 2nd base. Freshman year I started most games at several different positions. Sophomore year I positioned at 2nd base for the majority of the year.
This upcoming season I may have to make a position change over to shortstop to fill an absent hole due to graduation. I have played shortstop before, it was my primary position in little league and middle school. This upcoming season I need to work hard on my hitting and being able to get on base more often and drive in more runs. More runs= Better chance at winning. I haven’t been able to work a lot lately due to my bum ankle but when I’m back healthy I’m going to work hard to improve not only for me but for my team.
My team has enjoyed some great success over the last few years winning the district championship 5 years running. We hope to continue the streak and I believe we can do it. It will be tough but nothing comes easy and with hard work dreams become reality. I love my team and I cant wait to be out there on the field with them.

By zdurham14

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