Your probably wondering what the heck Belonephobia is, and it is the fear of needles. I swear I think I’m the worlds worst “needle phobe”. I cringe just thinking about the little sharp tip that pierces your skin, it’s just not my thing. Today at school we are hosting a blood drive which occurs once every couple months and I absolutely hate coming the school on these days with a passion! I’ve done some research and I found out that the “phobia” is actually curable and over time you can grow out of it. Ever since i can remember I’ve always had a problem attending the doctor and getting blood drawn and that sort of thing. I always get pale and weak before the needle even stabs me. My doctors know me well enough now that they wont even tell me when I’m getting blood work because they know I’ll do everything I can to not have to come. On days like today I’m just chilling in class while my classmates are in and out, giving blood. The worst part? The stories. Everyone comes back to class talking about it and it makes me queasy. No joke. Some people may judge my “manhood” for this but its the truth, I’d rather get punched in the face before I take that needle to the arm. Somebody get me out of here, because my condition is in full effect on a day like today.

By zdurham14

2 comments on “Belonephobia

  1. I actually used to have this exact same phobia. No lie. I knew the name of it! I got over it (for the most part) after having Gavin. Getting shots still freaks me out, but having blood drawn is not as big of a deal anymore. There’s hope, Zach! 🙂

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