Sophomore year

Sophomore year

   A couple of years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life and that was to play football for my high school football team. The spring after freshman year I was persuaded by the head coach, boy was he sucking up to me big time. Today, when I look back on it however, I am so thankful of all the effort he put into persuading me. I had played in middle school but it wasnt my favorite sport and I wanted to take a break from it freshman year to focus on my transition to high school. Coach Cobb stopped me every time he saw me in the hallways and made a comment I remember to this day “Cant wait to see you in the pads next year” and it made me feel like he was already expecting me to play. I didn’t want to let him down and everyone else who was expecting me to play.

   His persuasion led to me suiting up that fall for the fighting eagles. It was my sophomore year and we had a decent class of seniors so we were expecting a pretty good season. Coach had been talking to me over the last couple of months and weeks about what he was expecting from me and how much I should expect to play etc. The first day of practice came and Coach tells me to go do quarterback drills with our other quarterback who was a senior. I just figured he was putting me with him because there was only one quarterback, little did I know that would be my spot for the remainder of the season, and to this day im the starting varsity quarterback. That season I started 4 games at quarterback and every game on defense at safety.

    I’m very thankful that I was led to play football that season and it may be one of my favorite sports now. I never dreamed that I would be the player I am now, I thought I was just getting put out there to be a tackling dummy! Coach Cobb’s persuasion led to a very big impact on my life. As I look back on it, I realize that his then “constant nagging” may have just been a sign from God to give me a chance to spread his word through my beloved game of football.


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