The dreaded ACT day 3/5/13

Today was the day every junior dreads, the statewide test date for the test that can make or break us for college. The ACT is a test that colleges look at to determine college readiness and determine scholarship money off of. The test is 4 parts (English,Math,Reading and science) with an optional writing portion at the end. The test is so boring but if you score well, it’s totally worth it.
English- the English section is second easiest in my opinion. You are given a story and you have to go through and depict the grammar errors. Sometimes they ask you to edit sentences or add/remove sentences. The hardest question in this section are the structure questions where they ask you to rearrange the order of the sentences etc.
Math- the math is the easiest for me. The first 20 problems or so are pretty easy but get more difficult as it goes on. I like this section because I can work it out myself and get an answer that I’m confident in. I don’t second guess my self if I end up with one of the answer choices. The hardest questions on this section are when you are given a problem but don’t know the correct equation to use, I know several equations such as slope intercept form but there’s so many I have yet to learn.
Reading- the HARDEST of them all for me. I totally despise it. This section you have to read a passage and answer questions based on what you read. I always run out of time on this section and have to guess on about 10 questions. The questions range from making opinions to asking about little details that you may have skipped over. I get to reading and lose focus so the last 5 paragraphs could be non sense to me. If the story isn’t interesting to me, I’m probably not going to retain much of the information.
Science- I always seem to score best in science. The thing is, this section doesn’t even have much to do with science. Your given graphs and charts and asked to use that information to answer questions. I can go through and pull out info from a chart but if it was asking me questions about photosynthesis and evolution and crazy “science” stuff, my scores would drop big time. It would be on to the guessing game for me.
I like the purpose ACT serves and I can see the positives in it, it’s just so many questions and nonstop thinking for a good bit of time. I wish there could be a little bigger break in between and a little more time time for the reading section! It would help my score tremendously. I should get my score back soon, I’m hoping for good results!


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