My dream job

A Chinese philosopher once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I would love to get paid for something I love doing and am interested in. My perfect job would be one that pays me enough to support my family and myself, allows me to have time with my family, little stress but when I’m asked to do something I will do it and last of all something that I can enjoy doing and not be miserable at.

The job that would interest me the most and meet all of my criteria is to be a sports journalist. Sports has been my background my whole life, its what I have a passion for. Being at every ball game, playing or watching, has taken up many of weekends of my life. If I choose a job i love doing, how stressful can it get? If I find the right newspaper to work for I can make decent money to provide for my family. Going to games and writing about them, would be as close to heaven as possible for me.

This job would require me to be professional in all things that I do. So many people would be reading what I write so I need to be respectful. I am fighting for readers. What kind of “writer” doesnt want people reading what they write? For this job I would need to get a degree in journalism from college and reach the highest degree I can achieve. The pro’s of this job would be for me, getting to do what I love and getting paid to do it. The con’s would be getting the high degree of education. I dont think it would take too much of my time because I could spend time with my family during the day, but at night I would be searching for a writing topic for the week.

Overall, being a sports writer would be heaven for me. Im getting paid to do what I love. This job sound so appealing to me, I wish I could start today! This is my dream job and I can wait to start my adventure to the press.

By zdurham14

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