Free Write

         We are starting to dig into the heart of the baseball season and it isn’t going as well as planned. We just got back from a tournament in Florida where we finished undefeated, but since we have returned we have fell off. Its something to do with being in Kentucky I swear.  

          Since returning we have faced two district opponents. On Tuesday we faced Adair county and jumped out on them with a big lead. The later the innings the closer the game became. We got to the last inning up 12-8 and fell apart. They went on to score 8 runs and defeated us 16-12. It was a rough night on the diamond. 

          The following night we faced our cross town rival and it didn’t go over so well either. They jumped out on top and never looked back. We never put up a big enough fight to battle back. It was a tough night and I hated to see my team perform that way. We went out the next day and practiced like we had something to prove. We are scheduled to play tomorrow morning and I hope my team responds to the challenge our coaches have presented to us. 



By zdurham14

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