Prom week

This weekend is the highly anticipated/dreaded prom night! I’ve come to the conclusion that people either love or hate it. Most girls love the chance to get all glamoured up, but most guys hate every minute of it. Most couples go out and spend so much money on their outfits, rides, meal, etc. I think the night is pretty expensive to prepare for, but I think it turns out to be pretty enjoyable and worth the money. Honestly, I’m looking forward to the long day.

My saturday will start off by attending the annual pancake breakfast hosted by the fire department with my date, her family, and my family. After that my date is going to get her hair and makeup done and that will take a couple of hours. A little later on in the afternoon we get all dressed up and head out for our long day. That afternoon, we take our pictures (which can get pretty boring)! Around 4 or so we are heading out to etown with another couple to eat kansai, my favorite restaurant. Once we get back, we head straught to prom walk-in.

The night begins as we walk out on the gym floor and get our names announced. As I am typing this, i’ve been thinking about the long day and its made me pretty excited, especially to eat! Hopefully next week I can write a post to let you know how it went! Have a good weekend.


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