English 2/3

I’ve been asked this week to write what kind of impact this class has had on myself. I’ve had the same teacher for both english 2 and 3 and I have enjoyed both years so much. From reading warriors dont cry about the little rock 9 sophomore year to catcher in the rye junior year, I can say I have learned alot. Not only did she teach us about english and sometimes history, she taught us about life.

My english teacher always had stories to tell us when we walked in the classroom whether it be about her kids(mostly) or her numerous trips to vegas she always kept us entertained! I’ve always heard that good teachers know how to have fun while teaching at the same time and that is certainly true for her. My class always had fun. My favorite part of her class definitly had to be story time though. We could keep her talking for days!

The most important thing I learned in that class about english was that books are boring if you just read them. For a book to be good you have to be willing to understand what its about. You have to look beyond the words. The most important thing I learned from my teacher is that life’s not always going to be a bright sunny day, there will be cold and rainy days. Its what you do with those bad days that counts.

By zdurham14