How I Acquired Sports Literacy- 17 August 2013

I acquired sports literacy when I exited the womb, literally. I’ve been told stories about how I always would stop crying when my parents flipped on something sports related on TV and cried when they turned it off. I think I acquired sports literacy from my parents, because they groomed me to be an athlete. Ever since I could crawl, I’ve had some type of ball or bat in my hand. My parents taught me everything I know about sports, and I think that is why my life has always revolved around it. If my family wasn’t such big sports fans, I don’t know what type of guy I would be today. Sports literacy became attractive to me as I began to understand more and more about each game. From books to websites to newspapers, you could always find me in the sports section wanting to expand my knowledge that much more.
Sports literature became attractive to me as a fan once I started to figure out who my Dad’s favorite teams were. I didn’t know a lot about them, so I always wanted to read about them in the newspapers to learn. Of course, when I was little my parents dressed me in my blue and white with my UK toboggan, but I didn’t have a clue what it was. Several years down the road I thank my parents for raising me a wildcat! The one moment as a fan that strikes my attention is the University of Kentucky basketball game in Rupp Arena against the hated Florida Gators who just happened to be ranked number 1 in the nation at the time. Of course my ‘Cats won but I fell in love with the atmosphere. There’s no greater feeling than not having a clue who’s sitting right beside you, but knowing your there for one common goal, to see your team win.
I acquired sports literature as a player once I started playing in more competitive leagues. Especially during football season being able to read and comprehend sports literature is really important to me. Before each game we are given a scouting report on our opponent. It is my job as quarterback to study it and figure out what weaknesses the other team has and to communicate to my teammate’s ways we can attack those weak spots. Another example is at the beginning of each season we are given a playbook we are expected to memorize. It’s my job to retain all the information I study. Now with all of the online advancements I can pull up the internet and know exactly how my opponent plays and even find out if people think we can beat them or not. Being able to understand and comprehend sports literature is a huge asset to me as a player.
Now that my senior project has begun, I have taken on the task of becoming a football coach. I’m reading sports literature daily now. From learning my teams’ playbook to reading practice plans, I find myself even reading in the middle of practice. The past couple of weeks after I found out I would be coaching, I have been reading a lot on how to be the best coach I can be and how to make my players the best they can be. It may be new to me, but sports literature is already making an impact on my coaching career.
Sports literature has made tremendous impacts on being a fan, athlete, and even coach and it all sums up to make me who I am today. If I couldn’t read sports literature about my favorite teams, who knows who I would be screaming my lungs out for. If I couldn’t understand my scouting reports and playbooks I wouldn’t be the player I am today and if I couldn’t read sports literature about coaching, I wouldn’t be making the strides in my coaching career that I am today. Sports literature has made such an impact on my life that I want to pursue it on in to college and major in sports journalism. I fell in love with sports literature at an early age, and still have that passion for it to this day!

By zdurham14

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