Atlanta High school football player dies

Last Friday night an Atlanta high school football player passed away after making a tackle in a high school football game. “16-year-old Deantre Turman was pronounced dead at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta at just after 10:30 p.m. Friday”.  Deantre was an 11th grader at Creekside High School and was already receiving division 1 scholarships, most notably from the South Eastern conference(SEC), in which the University of Kentucky had offered. The Doctors released a statement notifying the community that Turman died of blunt force head and neck trauma. The staff also noted that the 16 year old suffered a fractured vertebra in his upper spinal cord.

Turman was playing defensive back, when the tight end flashed across the field to catch a pass. After the ball was caught Deantre reacted quickly and made what looked to be a normal tackle. It wasn’t so normal to everyone watching, because the young athlete never got up. The Creekside High School football player was carted off the field on a stretcher and rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Turman’s family say he “always strived for excellence” on and off the football field. “I miss his will to want to be the best”. This story brings so much attention to my eyes because I’m similar to Deantre in several ways. The most significant is that we both play and love the game of football. This young man suffered an injury every football player, parent, coach and the whole world fears. An injury that takes the life away from a High School teenager who had dreams to be the best he can be. My prayers and best wishes go out to his family, friends and team. Something like this always puts life in perspective. Never take anything for granted, you never know when that next tackle in life will be your last.

By zdurham14

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