My first impression of Dracula was not a very good one. I predicted the book to be about a creature that does something crazy. I kind of thought it may turn out to be a love story or something dramatic. Honestly, I had no clue what it was about or what to expect. My whole life I have heard how Dracula is a great piece of literature, so I knew it should not be to bad of a read. When my DC English teacher let us know that we would spend a unit over Dracula and even go see a Dracula play, I kind of got excited.I had a chance to learn about a piece of Literature History that I had no clue about.

The first chapter was not to interesting to me. There was not a lot of action that kept me focused or any details that made me want to keep reading. The first chapter was about the journey Harker traveled to the castle and what happened throughout his adventure. We learned that Harker is an English solicitor. He is journeying to eastern Europe to continue a real estate deal with Count Dracula on a residence in London. He also foreshadowed a little bit about the castle and how “uncanny” it is.

In Chapter two the story begins to attract my attention a little. They begin to describe Count Dracula and his physical features. He is a tall and older gentleman with a super long and white mustache. Harker even mentions that Dracula’s cold hand had a firm handshake. He continues on to mention that Count has pointy ears, pale skin, and sharp looking teeth. Harker feels welcomed upon entering the house, but when he seats for dinner his nerves return. The next day he awakes with a note that Dracula is gone for the day. He has the house to himself. The following day, Dracula interrupts Harker while shaving and cuts himself. He starts picking up on signs that Dracula is very strange. Then finds out he is locked in the castle.

In chapter 3 Dracula begins to demand things of Harker. He tells him to write home saying that his stay is extended by a month. One night Harker forced a locked room open. He continued to fall asleep, opposite of Count’s wishes. He seems to dream about women but is alarmed by Dracula. The women scurried off as a small creature was fed to them.

In Chapter 4 Dracula demands Harker again to write home, but this time using a different date from the real date. He was instructed to write that he was headed home. Months later, he witnesses a pack of wolves devour a mother. Harker attempts to escape multiple times throughout the remainder of the chapter but fails.

My reading has not continued much since the conclusion of chapter 4, but I am excited to dig back in. My impression after the first four chapters has changed from my impression before beginning the novel. It is not the boring story I had expected. It actually has me attracted to read more.

By zdurham14

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