Judgement House


This Saturday night a couple of friends and I attended a Christian drama called “Judgement House” at Lebanon Baptist Church in Marion County, Kentucky. The drama is about a family who live their lives right, and are great people but are missing one piece to their puzzle. They haven’t accepted Jesus Christ in their hearts. They have not let God take control of their lives.

The family is a close-knit family and they have a perfect relationship with one another. The parents are good, hard-working people who love their children. I do not want to give away too much for those who have yet to see the drama, but I want to explain the outline of it. Their is 2 daughters and one son in the family. The Dad left for a business trip during the opening scene. The girls are at play practice with a friend and the son is at football practice.

At play practice the girls friend tells them about her best friend and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The older sister even accepts Jesus Christ into her heart. After play practice the Mom picks the girls up and takes them out to eat before taking their friend home. They decide to sit outside at the cafe. They are sitting outside eating and bam, the whole night changes in a blink of an eye. A teenage girl ran off the side of the road and into the picnic table, killing the Mom, Older sister, friend and the waitress.

The victims certainly were not ready to die that night. But, nobody knows exactly when they are going to die. If you died tonight and faced God’s judgement at the gates of heaven, would you be let in? Or denied at the footsteps of Christ because you did not let God take control of your life on Earth and did not live a life pleasing to God. When your time comes, God will have his decision made, but it is up to you with the decision you make here on earth while your still living, while you still have that chance. It is not to late, luckily we have a forgiving God who gave his Son to forgive us of our sins on that cross. The Mom and waitress were not ready, and will never get to see her daughter again. However, thankfully for the friend, the oldest daughter and the friend get to spend eternity together in heaven. The youngest daughter, son and Father have more time remaining on this Earth. Are they going to let Christ into their heart and spend eternity together and with their sister? That is up to them.

If something happened to you tonight, would you be ready? Would your name be in the Lamb’s book of life? Do not go to sleep tonight without knowing that answer. If you are interested in attending the judgement house, it will be open next Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

By zdurham14

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