A Performance worth Broadway


Last weekend my DC English class took a trip to the Actors Theatre in Louisville. The theatre was showing “Dracula”, and it was impressive. This is the 50th anniversary season for the Actors Theatre, and boy did they put on a show. The sponsor, Fifth Third Bank, has contributed a lot to the production. Overall, the Dracula production put on that day was perfect for any drama fan.

The story behind the play dates back to the late 1800’s to a novel written by Bram Stoker. Stoker’s story is told through letters and journal entries. Count Dracula resides in Transylvania where he owns a castle. The count takes hostage a lawyer, Jonathan Harker, whose firm sends him to make a real estate transaction with the Count. Harker later escapes and flees back to London. Count Dracula attempts to find fresh blood and new victims in London, but the Victorians would not allow it. For all of the details and an action packed story, read the book or make a trip to see Dracula performed live! It will be well worth your time!

The atmosphere in the playhouse was great for a smaller audience. Our tickets were second row, but in my opinion, any seat in the house would have felt the same way. The scenery and props gave me a sense that we were in the Victorian era, witnessing live action. The lighting was perfection as well. The lighting displayed the correct mood at the appropriate times. For example, when Dracula would come into the room, the lighting darkened knotting the pit of everyone’s stomach. You just knew something bad was about to happen. The sound effects had the biggest impact on my experience. These background noises contributed to the performance by setting the mood just as the lighting did. The costumes were also very well organized in the production. They represented the setting of the story and gave each character distinguishable traits to let you know who each character is .Count Dracula was costumed to perfection.

The actors were well qualified to play each role. They represented their character well and rarely slipped up on their roles. They all worked together well and created a vibe for the audience. Count Dracula’s actor was Randolph Curtis Rand. If there were an MVP of the performance, Mr. Rand would receive my vote! He acted Dracula’s role beautifully; giving the audience, a real understanding of the type of person Dracula really was. In some ways, I think Van Helsing’s actor underplayed his role.  He failed to give off some qualities that the character needed for the performance. Overall, these actors played their roles in the script to my satisfaction.

This time of year would be the perfect time to go see a Dracula play! With Halloween coming up, it could really be the perfect start to your spooky season! There are several productions of this play around the globe, but to find one as well organized and directed as this production is uncommon. Dracula the play in the Actors Theatre in Louisville is a must see!


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