Dracula, Dracula, Dracula


            We all know the main story behind the Dracula novel by Bram Stoker, but most people never notice the small differences between the Novel, Play and Movies. Several different versions of the Dracula play and movie have been produced, most containing minor changes. However, the theme and background of Stoker’s novel always remain the same.

The original story of Dracula came from Stoker’s novel. In the novel, Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to finish a business transaction with Count Dracula. Harker’s diary gives the reader a first-person point of view throughout his adventure.  As the story continues, you learn of Harkers imprisonment in Castle Dracula. Jonathan is engaged to his love, Mina Murray, who is a well-respected woman. Lucy Westenra is Mina’s best friend. She was offered marriage by three different men, but chose Arthur Holmwood. Lucy later fell under a spell, deteriorating her health. Lucy was the first victim of Dracula’s curse, but far from the only.

The most popular version of a Dracula movie was produced in 1992, nearly a Century after the production of Stoker’s novel. The movie travels back to 1462 as Prince Dracula leaves his love Elizabeta for war. His bride, believing him to be dead, flings herself into the river from high above. Dracula returns to find his love deceased, and seeks revenge. Harker is engaged to Mina, just like the novel, and travels to Castle Dracula in Transylvania to settle business. Dracula sees Mina as his Love reincarnated. Dracula takes Lucy as his wife instead. The movie ends with Mina kissing Dracula, and then kills him.

After Stoker finished his Novel, he attempted to make a play production based off it. The story was nearly identical, but not nearly as successful. Years later, after the Dracula novel became popular, several different versions of the play were produced. The same story was basically being told, but different adaptations went along with each version. The most common version of the play begins with Dracula luring Mina in to his spell, sucking the blood out of her. Scenes later, Lucy falls under the same spell as Dracula sucks blood from her neck. The Count affects Lucy and Mina’s personalities. They are no longer the caring, loving people as before. Lucy tries to attack the people she loves the most. Lucy was the fiancé of Jonathan Harker in the play.

Out of the novel, play and movie my favorite was the play. The play was my favorite because the action intrigued me. The dramatic effects helped keep me entertained and the actors really did a great job with their roles. They worked well with the audience, and really brought the play to life. As for the changes made to the plays and movies, they have really contributed from them. Times have changed, and the Dracula novel has not. More action needed to be added to suffice today’s viewers. If the play and movie included the same amount of little details that the novel contains, audiences would be put to sleep. The adaptations to each have certainly been worth it. If Bram Stoker were alive, he would certainly have to agree.

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