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This magazine article is for a group project from school over the topic of distracted driving and texting while driving. Our group used a survey to show the information we collected and used it In our argument. Distracted driving is a reoccurring theme in today’s society and results in the reoccurring outcome. Distracted driving can lead to deaths.. That is something you don’t think about every time you text and drive or be careless and put your attention on something other than the task at hand. When driving put your attention on the road! Don’t make your family have to live the rest of their lives without someone they love! We hope from our magazine you learn a few tips and even facts that can keep your focus on the wheel.

By zdurham14

How I learn Best

With my Senior year nearly halfway over, I have been presented the question, “How do you learn best?” Throughout the years I have experienced teachers that have helped me tremendously, and some who have not so much. Nothing bad towards those teachers, it is just their teaching styles did not accommodate my learning styles.

The teaching style that helps me learn best has to be when teachers help me learn hands on. For instance, my physics teacher had an activity today where we shot a mini cannon and measured the angle at which it was shot, comparing it to the distance in which the cannon ball traveled. I liked this activity because It helped me see the correlation between the angle and distance. That is just something you can not understand by being handed a packet and expected to complete it. I like seeing what I am learning first hand, not in writing.

Another teaching style I learn the most from is when the teacher gets involved with my classmates and I. I like when the teacher meets with us and explains to us what they think we can improve on, and how to improve it. For example, my English teacher my sophomore and junior years developed a relationship with the class. She met with us and went over all of our papers and assignments. She told us what ways we can improve our work and how we can work on it.

Overall, in my experience with Campbellsville School System I have been presented some amazing teachers. Every single teacher I have had has helped me in some way from Kindergarten on. I appreciate everything all of my teachers have done for me. Some may have taught me more than others, but all have helped one way or another. These are just a couple of ways I learn best.

By zdurham14

Veterans Day Extra Credit post

 I personally want to give a big THANK YOU to all veterans and those who are serving still today! The world would not be where we are today without people protecting us and gaining our freedom. I appreciate the sacrifices that veterans have made for myself and my family. I could not imagine being away from my family for sometimes years at a time. Those guys had enough guts to risk their life just for the betterment of our county. For that I want to Thank You! God Bless.

I specifically want to give a shoutout to family members of mine who have served for our country. Thank you for sacrificing yourself, spending time away from your family, just for so many people of our nation that you do not even know!



By zdurham14

School Lunch that was..

Anybody else remember when school lunches were actually edible? The past couple of years Mrs. Michelle Obama took over our lunch menus, and the food quickly went downhill. From the Spaghetti with extra meat, to the Spaghetti with nothing but water. From the Uncrustable peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the “Sun-Butter” and grape Preserves sandwich on stale wheat bread. What would it take to get something edible back? I’m not the only one who would rather starve than eat some of the garbage we are provided.

Personally, school lunch is not my only meal of the day. But for some less fortunate kids, what they receive on that lunch tray may be all the food they get for the day. Is saving money and cooking healthier food really benefiting the consumers? In my opinion, no. Kids are going home even hungrier. I see people on a daily basis refuse to get a lunch tray, myself included.

What are the kids that have practice and games after school forced to do? Nearly starve. My football team does not get off the practice field until about 5:45.Is one little square of pizza, a scoop of corn and a milk supposed to fill our stomachs until we can get home? There is no way! We are growing teenage boys who burn what calories we do consume at lunch during workouts. I have seen several teammates throughout the last couple of years get lightheaded or sick during practice. The food we receive is just not enough to last us.

All that being said, I believe something should be done. I know I am not the first to complain about the new school lunches, but I certainly won’t be the last either until somebody makes a change. I understand what the objective of the healthy school lunch deal is, I just think it has been taken a little out of hand. Give us something we can eat, not some questionable meat.

College Football Playoff System

The college football world was turned upside down by the news that they will finally have a playoff starting in 2014. After years of controversy from the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) and before that the Bowl Alliance, the winner will finally be determined on the field. There will be a 4 team playoff with the 4 best teams getting into the tournament, the AQ (Automatic Qualifying) status that was used in the BCS will not be used in this new format. Meaning that you don’t necessarily need to win your conference to qualify for being one of the four teams selected. If this format was used last season, the four teams selected would have been LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma State, and Oregon.

It would work as a regular tournament. The number 1 seed would play the four seed and the 2 would play the 3. They would bid to one of the major bowl games and play one of the semi-finals on New Year’s Eve and the next on January 1st. Then the winners of both of those games would play the following week and play for the National Championship. This solves a lot of the controversy. With four teams playing it would allow an equal opportunity and won’t diminish the regular season. What makes college football the best sport is that every week counts. Going to four teams makes the regular season that much more critical because in order to be in national championship contention, teams will still need to finish in the top four.

There will be a committee of 15 members that will decide how the rankings will be determined. The committee will be comprised of college presidents, athletic directors, former coaches, and one prominent member of the media. As with every system there will be pros and cons. Will members of the committee try to help their particular school or conference? You can bet that as long as this happens there will be politics and it will clearly benefit the power conferences. But in terms of where we are currently with the BCS this system is a step in the right direction and gives a better opportunity for the champion to be played out on the field and not decided by a computer.

Strength of schedule and margin of victory will be taken into account. If teams finish undefeated from a power conference they are likely to be ranked in the top four. The only time that a team from a power conference went undefeated during the BCS era and was shut out of the National Championship was Auburn in 2004. The problem that remains is when there are multiple 1 loss teams that are in contention. When thinking of this problem 2008 comes to mind as one of the messier years when multiple 1 loss teams could have argued for the national championship.

The top 2 ranked teams in the final BCS that ended up playing for the national championship were Florida and Oklahoma teams from AQ (automatic qualifying) conferences. That year in particular there were multiple teams from the Big 12 that were unfairly shut out of their own conference championship game because of the new rule. Under that rule a tie breaker occurred and the team with the highest ranking by the BCS would go to the conference championship. In 2008 Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech all finished the regular season with an 11-1 record. The BCS had Oklahoma as the highest ranked team. They went on to blow out Missouri in the Big 12 Championship Game and went on to play Florida for the national title.

USC also finished the regular season 11-1, the one game that they lost during the regular season was a road contest to Oregon State by 6 points. Utah from a non-AQ conference, the Mountain West went undefeated with a 12-0 regular season, Penn State from the Big 10 finished 11-1 and won the Big 10. That year a 4 team playoff wouldn’t have helped. In fact it would make the outcry that much stronger for more teams to be included. With the exception of this one example, almost every year in the BCS since its inception in 1998, a 4 team playoff would have avoided the contention.

It’s not a perfect system, nothing will ever be but the more you keep trying to tweak it and add more teams. Is that really what’s best for the student-athletes who are competing? Just for argument’s sake, if they were to go from four teams to eight that would mean the two teams that play for the National Championship would be playing 16 games. How are they supposed to get the best grades when they have such a long a stressful season? Four teams allow for greater opportunity and makes the most sense in trying to solve the national championship in a fair manner. I expect that this system will run the course of its 12-year contract. Everyone should be in celebration since college football has done what the fans have clamored for all these years … a playoff.

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By zdurham14