School Lunch that was..

Anybody else remember when school lunches were actually edible? The past couple of years Mrs. Michelle Obama took over our lunch menus, and the food quickly went downhill. From the Spaghetti with extra meat, to the Spaghetti with nothing but water. From the Uncrustable peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the “Sun-Butter” and grape Preserves sandwich on stale wheat bread. What would it take to get something edible back? I’m not the only one who would rather starve than eat some of the garbage we are provided.

Personally, school lunch is not my only meal of the day. But for some less fortunate kids, what they receive on that lunch tray may be all the food they get for the day. Is saving money and cooking healthier food really benefiting the consumers? In my opinion, no. Kids are going home even hungrier. I see people on a daily basis refuse to get a lunch tray, myself included.

What are the kids that have practice and games after school forced to do? Nearly starve. My football team does not get off the practice field until about 5:45.Is one little square of pizza, a scoop of corn and a milk supposed to fill our stomachs until we can get home? There is no way! We are growing teenage boys who burn what calories we do consume at lunch during workouts. I have seen several teammates throughout the last couple of years get lightheaded or sick during practice. The food we receive is just not enough to last us.

All that being said, I believe something should be done. I know I am not the first to complain about the new school lunches, but I certainly won’t be the last either until somebody makes a change. I understand what the objective of the healthy school lunch deal is, I just think it has been taken a little out of hand. Give us something we can eat, not some questionable meat.


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