How I learn Best

With my Senior year nearly halfway over, I have been presented the question, “How do you learn best?” Throughout the years I have experienced teachers that have helped me tremendously, and some who have not so much. Nothing bad towards those teachers, it is just their teaching styles did not accommodate my learning styles.

The teaching style that helps me learn best has to be when teachers help me learn hands on. For instance, my physics teacher had an activity today where we shot a mini cannon and measured the angle at which it was shot, comparing it to the distance in which the cannon ball traveled. I liked this activity because It helped me see the correlation between the angle and distance. That is just something you can not understand by being handed a packet and expected to complete it. I like seeing what I am learning first hand, not in writing.

Another teaching style I learn the most from is when the teacher gets involved with my classmates and I. I like when the teacher meets with us and explains to us what they think we can improve on, and how to improve it. For example, my English teacher my sophomore and junior years developed a relationship with the class. She met with us and went over all of our papers and assignments. She told us what ways we can improve our work and how we can work on it.

Overall, in my experience with Campbellsville School System I have been presented some amazing teachers. Every single teacher I have had has helped me in some way from Kindergarten on. I appreciate everything all of my teachers have done for me. Some may have taught me more than others, but all have helped one way or another. These are just a couple of ways I learn best.

By zdurham14

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